Christ Calls for Disciples

Our beliefs may sound UNCONVENTIONAL, even RADICAL, only because the Truth has been so much. ..


Our crusade is the MISSION of our Master and King, The Lord Jesus Christ to MAKE MORE DISCIPLES and (1) teach them The Christ of the gospel and His teachings only; (2) inspire them to do the LOVE of The Christ of *making other disciples, *healing the sick and *inspiring others; (3) and teach them to share the Truth in the midst of many false doctrines sponsored by the devil, himself being the father of all lies - John 8:44. 

THE DISCIPLE on one side is the BELIEVER OF THE WORD while on the other side is THE DOER OF THE WORK. These two sides make one a true FOLLOWER or a DISCIPLE OF THE LORD. A disiple:

1. Seeks God's kingdom  first and His words before anything else

2. Believes in the CORE teachings about The True God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ, The Lord's work of salvation, and His task of making disciples 

3. Reads the gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to have first-hand knowledge and understanding about The Lord

4. Sacrifices and suffers for The Lord’s sake; shares the truth of Christ and His teachings to love God - first and foremost, and fellowmen 

5. Performs the works of Christ to heal, care, inspire and serve

​6. Lives and shares the LOVE of Lord Jesus Christ

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