1. To learn the Way how man can be relieved of the worries concerning all of his needs in this life.

  2. To understand the Covenant given by The Savior unto man and how God reciprocates to those who seek His Kingdom and Righteousness first.


Thank you for watching EPHPHATHA! Man’s biggest stress is how to provide his needs as well as his family’s. In fact, out of the 168 hours in a week, the majority spends at least 50 hours of that, to include preparations and travel time, for working. A lot of times, he works not just for the basic needs but also for the purpose of saving for his family’s future. Is that all there is for man? And then in his old age he will just pass away?


What did The Savior, Lord Yeshua, teach us in order for us to get out of the vicious cycle that most of us call life? He said in Matthew 6:33 to SEEK FIRST God’s Kingdom and Righteousness and all of our needs will be given unto us. In fact, in verses 25-34 he specifically told us not to WORRY ABOUT life and all of our necessities. He even told us not to worry about tomorrow and just let tomorrow worry about its own things. Please understand, that this particular teaching of The Lord was not given in a parable but as a direct instruction. What should we give notice in His promise of reciprocation? He wanted us to do our part FIRST – that is to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, not second but first. Does He want us to not work in order to provide for our needs? No, that’s not what He wants. That’s why He said FIRST because He is not stopping us from doing everything else that life requires. What’s the BIG DEAL? What’s the relevance of seeking God’s Kingdom and Righteousness FIRST and FOREMOST? That is His only requirement and God will reciprocate by providing all the things that we need in life. I believe many of you would jump unto this guarantee of The Lord, if only you knew what is God’s Kingdom and Righteousness. So, let’s jump into this – What is God’s Kingdom and what is His Righteousness? If you don’t mind, let me answer first the second question, what is God’s Righteousness? In Isaiah 42:6 God said, “I, the Lord, have called You in righteousness, And will hold Your hand; I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people, As a light to the Gentiles.” Basing on this statement of God His Righteousness points to His fairness that is reflected by His Covenant to the people – the same One who also serves as a light to the Gentiles. Who is God’s Covenant to His people who is also the light and hope to the Gentiles? He is none other than His Son, The Savior Yeshua. The Lord Yeshua is therefore God’s Righteousness to the world! Now that the second question has been clarified let’s go back to the first question, how about God’s Kingdom? What is the Gospel truth about The Kingdom of God that, together with The Lord Yeshua, we also have to seek first? I will give you a couple of verses and I encourage you to read them yourself. These verses are Isaiah 9v6, Matthew 28:18 and John 6:27. In Isaiah 9v6, the prophet prophesied about a Son who will be given God’s Government. The Lord Yeshua confirmed it to be Him when in Matthew 28:18 He affirmed that all authority in heaven and on earth were given unto Him because God The Father has set His Seal unto Him as He also stated in John 6:27. Now we know very well how The Christ Yeshua is a King, He confirmed this truth in Matthew 27:11. Also, in Revelation 19:16 Apostle John referred to Him as The King of Kings! From all these evangelical facts that we have gathered we now can come to a conclusion that The Kingdom of God is THE RULE OR REIGN of The Lord Yeshua with God’s Government and Authority! Is this RULE with God’s Authority exclusive to Him alone? No, it is not because The Christ is NOT greedy of power! In fact, He badly wants to share this RULE or God’s Kingdom with people in such that He wants us all to seek it FIRST. He even tagged a guarantee to those who would – the promise to have everything else that they need in this life so that once and for all, they will not have to worry anymore about anything in this life.


Friends, let me present to you the answer to all of our worries. He is God’s Righteousness in the person of God’s Son Yeshua, commonly recognized as Jesus or Hesus to the uninformed majority, the same Christ or Messiah who was given to be our Salvation and light. The King Yeshua wants to share with you His Rule with God’s Authority. This will end ANY AND ALL OF YOUR WORRIES. I have experienced first-hand the integrity of His promise in Matthew 6:33. I was in my darkest moments when I realized that I have to really seek Him FIRST, and Him and God’s Kingdom. I have nothing else to give you as a gift but my testimony how truthful and impactful is the promise of The Savior – just learn to trust His promise. I can’t make the decision for you, it is you alone who can make His will and desire become meaningful in your life. Do so. There are some of us who have made that decision and have crossed the bridge of worries. We are looking at you from this side of the river. We are all freemen and Kings on this side, with The King Yeshua as our ONLY Superior King. Not the Pope, or a human council or a president. Not an EXECUTIVE MINISTER or any other man.


Once again I encourage you all to make it your priority starting today and in all the years of your life to read the Gospel books and enjoy all of The Lord’s guarantees contained therein. This is your disciple friend greeting you a Happy New Year and a very blessed 2018! Until next time.

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